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- Aristotle

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Press notes: 20/12/12

Christmas Dance 2012 051 300x199 Press notes: 20/12/12

S3/4 Christmas Dance

Monday 17th December 2012 saw the Third and Fourth Year Christmas Dance, which went down in history! Dubbed as ‘the best Dance in Nairn Academy history’ the night was a success as students went home with beaming smiles, excitedly explaining the night’s events to their parents as they got into their cars. The live Ceilidh band had a new member this year who happened to be Nairn Academy’s own Abigail Hay of S6 (playing whistle). Both the Ceilidh and Disco music went down a treat with the pupils who all thoroughly enjoyed the event. Everyone looked fantastic as boys came wearing kilts and girls came dressed to the nines. Howell Guce, 3B1, said, “It was a great night. I had lots of fun! £3 was all worth it.” Next year’s Christmas Dance has a lot to live up to!

S5/6 Senior Dinner Dance

Last Wednesday, pupils of fifth and sixth year attended the annual senior dinner dance. For sixth years, this was their last ever Christmas dance at Nairn Academy, and it is safe to say that the evening was a success and will be remembered by sixth years for years to come.

The evening was preluded with “mocktails” for sixth year pupils, a yearly tradition that adds something special for pupils in their final year. Fifth and sixth were then treated to a two course Christmas dinner, courtesy of the Nairn Academy catering staff and parent helpers.

All pupils had a great time, dancing a number of traditional ceilidh dances, including two Orcadian Strip the Willows. Pupils in both years really made a tremendous effort, with many boys opting for full kilt dress.  As ever, the event was a truly special end to the year at Nairn Academy.

Christmas Celebration

Nairn Academy is renowned for their hard working and talented pupils but Nairn Academy has really out done itself with their Christmas Celebration going down a treat. The Christmas Celebration, held on Thursday 20th December 2012, was spectacular, with performances from Nairn Academy’s very own Choir, Steel Band, Salsa Band and Staff Choir. Appropriately themed, the Christmas Celebration was a festive occasion for both the audience and performers. Holly Barnard, 14, (who performed with the Salsa Band said), “It was a great performance, and everybody looked like they were enjoying themselves. Absolutely amazing, Christmas is finally here!”  Teachers and pupils worked hard to ensure a perfect concert (held on periods 2 and 3) and they didn’t disappoint, this year’s Christmas Celebration will be hard to top!

Further Dates For Your Diary

  • Thursday 20th December- School closes at 3.40pm
  • Monday 7th January 2013- School opens again at 9am
  • Wednesday 9th January 2013- S4-6 prelims start (study leave granted)
  • Thursday 17th January 2013- Information Evening for P7 parents and pupils at 7pm
  • Tuesday 29th January 2013- S2 Information Evening at 7pm

Newsletter: DEC 2012

Parents Newsletter DECEMBER 2012 - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Dear Parent/Carer

As we near the end of term, it is a great opportunity to note significant school events and successes over the last month.  Our first Christmas Fayre took place on 28th November and was a huge success.  Organised by the school charities committee, the event raised £873 (£500 going to MFR Cash for Kids appeal and £373 going to School Fund which supports various school activities).

The Caribbean Christmas Concert was a sell-out on Thursday 6 December.  It was a fantastic evening showcasing music, drama and artistic talent in the school.

Well done to our Art and Design department where Mrs McBride’s animation club won an award at the National Kids for Kids UK 2012 competition.  They won the 13-19 years category.  The group started last year and are going from strength to strength. We wish them well for future projects.  The winning entry can be viewed at:

Our debating team participated in the North of Scotland competition again this year.  A younger team of S3 pupils performed well in several rounds before getting through to the final in Buckie on 30 November.  Shay Montague and Ruaridh Summers had a strong performance up against S5/6 pupils with several years of debating experience.  The boys won the competition and were presented with the John Alan Camera Quaich.  Shay also won the Dr Winnie Ewing Cup for Best Speaker.  Our thanks to Mr Chalmers and Dr Kinghorn who coached the team which included Jade du Preez in the previous competing rounds.

Our PE facilities have been refurbished with pupils and staff now able to use the new changing areas.  Thank you to everyone for their patience from August through to October as the works took longer than originally expected.  The facilities are much improved and well received by pupils and staff.  A special mention must go to the Girls’ Club who were central to raising the issue and contributed towards the design plans throughout the process.


Winter Weather

Further to information in the November newsletter, please find attached an information sheet from Highland Council.  Please note our main communication for school closures will be MFR school closure bulletins and the 0870 telephone information service (0870 054 6999 – our school pin 04 2700).


Please see the link below which highlights the dangers of frozen water at this time of year. We have been asked to bring this to the attention of parents / carers.—winter-safety


SCOPE: Schools and Community Ownership for Pride in our Environment

Nairn Academy is one of 10 schools in Highland taking part in this initiative in January 2013.  The focus is looking at problem areas for littering, provision of bins (including recycle bins) and encouraging everyone to use the bins.  This follows on from the work underway with the School’s Eco Group who are looking at a range of possible projects in school.  Volunteers will be involved in promoting the initiative during the week beginning 28 January 2013.  Further details to follow.


Christmas Dances

Important dates on the school calendar are our Christmas dances.  These are well attended and a great way to end the year.  I would like to acknowledge the considerable efforts of staff in the planning and preparation for the dances plus their attendance on the nights. I appreciate this is a particularly busy time of year for everyone and grateful for staff volunteering their time.  Our thanks also to members of the Parent Council who assist with the senior dance.


Prelim Examinations 2013      

Nairn Academy’s Prelim Examination programme begins very promptly after the festive break. School reopens on the 7January and the first of the prelims starts two days later on Wednesday 9January. The exams conclude two weeks later on Tuesday 22January. All pupils in S4 – 6 have been issued with a copy of the prelim timetable which they should use to plan their revision schedules. Pupils in S4 – S6 have study leave during the period of the examinations but study facilities will be available to pupils in school during this period.  If pupils are attending school for private study during study leave they must sign in (specific study leave folder) at reception.  Pupils do not need to sign in for an exam as an attendance register is taken at the start of each exam.  Pupils are reminded to arrive early for exams as venues and timing details are subject to change. Details of venues and seat numbers will be on display in middle school and the S6 social area.  Normal standards of dress code apply during the exam period.


Important Information for Parents/Carers

Parents may have seen the headlines in the Nairnshire Telegraph on 4 December regarding ‘legal highs’ and subsequent press coverage last week.  A fact sheet has been provided to all Highland schools by Highland Alcohol and Drug Partnership which offers some background information and advice.  A copy is on the school website.  Alternatively please contact the school if you would like a paper copy.


Diary dates

  • Thursday 20 December                                  School closes at 3.40pm
  • Monday 7 January 2013                                 School opens at 9.00am
  • Wednesday 9 January                                    S4-6 prelims start (study leave granted)
  • Thursday 17 January, 7pm                            Information Evening for P7 parents and pupils
  • Tuesday 29 January, 7pm                              S2 Information Evening


We appreciate the support of parents/carers.  As always, if you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s learning, please feel free to contact the school.  School newsletters will continue next session with copies also available on the school website.  Issue dates are as follows: 25 January, 15 March, 3 May and 14 June.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a fantastic festive break.  A happy and healthy new year to you all.  We look forward to welcoming pupils back on Monday 7 January 2013.

Yours sincerely


Julie Macdonald


Press notes: 14/12/12

Visit from Steve Frew

Nairn Academy pupils had a second inspirational visit rom Commonwealth Games medalist Steve Frew as part of the Sky Sports Living for Sport initiative. In 2002 Frew made history for Scotland when he won the men’s rings event. Steve was Scotland’s first-ever gymnastics Commonwealth Games gold medalist which was the highlight of his 23 year international career. Although the Academy Sky Sports Projects are focused around Leadership in Sport, on this visit Steve shared his journey to the top with P.E. students, introducing them to sports skills and attitudes designed to boost confidence, change behaviours and increase attainment. Sports Leaders Megan Boyle & Danielle Clifton assisted Steve in his delivery, after proudly showing Steve around the newly improved changing facilities in the P.E. Department. The Girls Club Leaders had a fundamental role as advisers on design and layout. Steve will return in June 2013 to continue his role as mentor and assist in the delivery of the P7 Health and Well Being days.

S1 and 2 Christmas Dance

Last Wednesday, first and second year pupils had a great time at their Christmas dance. This was a new experience for the first year pupils who had a fantastic time, dancing to a mixture of pop music and traditional Scottish music courtesy of a fantastic Ceilidh band.

Pupils were enthusiastic and took part in all of the dances, with some pupils even taking part in a dance-off organised by the sixth year pupils who came along to help out (and get in a bit of last minute dancing practice before their dance on Wednesday)!

As ever, the dance was a successful and popular event for all pupils involved.

Young Enterprise

On Saturday 8th December, the Nairn Academy Young Enterprise Team went to sell their kites, along with Christmas candy canes at the Inverness Trade Fair. The team had their own stall, and were selling alongside teams from across the Highlands.

For hours the team braved the biting cold, and their efforts were not in vain; Nairn Academy were the first team to sell out, with twenty kites being snapped up by lucky customers in time for Christmas. The team are currently working very successfully, and plan to continue with their project in the new year.

Further Notes For Your Diary

  • S5/6 Dance – Wednesday 19 December 2012
  • School breaks up – Thursday 20th December 2012 at 3.40pm
  • School returns – Monday 7th January 2013

Prelims start on the first week back after the Christmas holidays (week beginning Monday 7th January) for all S4-6 pupils. Timetables have been distributed and advice has been given at assemblies.

The new outdoor catering cabin will be delivered soon and pupils have been asked for name suggestions in registration. These will be considered and it will be set up soon.

Nairn Academy has won an MFR disco, held over lunchtime on Monday 17th December, because of the high percentage of pupils eating school dinners.

A Nairn Academy newsletter will be issued before the school breaks up and parents are asked to check with their child/children for their copy.

***Legal Highs***


A legal high is a drug which is taken to produce an altered state of mind that is not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

However, ‘legal high’ can be a misleading term because most of the substances are regulated by the Medicines Act which makes it illegal to sell, supply or advertise them for human consumption.   The substances are generally bought from ‘head-shops’ or purchased from internet sites.  They are usually marketed as bath salts, incense, room odourisers or plant food.

Legal highs are sold under a variety of names and often the ingredients will not be listed on the packaging.  It is very hard to know what you are taking.  These substances are often referred to as research chemicals.



A Head Shop is a retail outlet that sells drug paraphernalia and equipment such as pipes and bongs for smoking cannabis, art, magazines and clothes.  They may also sell ‘legal highs’ or research chemicals.  Owners of head shops claim that they are selling these products for use as plant fertilisers or bath salts but the fact they can be purchased alongside drug taking equipment is of concern.

The internet is an easy and popular route for the purchasing of legal highs.  Users can also obtain information online on how to use these substances and what the likely effects of use might be.



Because these drugs are so new, and because they are changing all the time, very little is known about them.  We have some information about the possible short term effects that users report.  Some of the negative effects include:

  • Nose bleeds
  • Heart palpitations
  • Limbs turning blue
  • Changes in behaviour or personality
  • Severe confusion
  • Terror and panic
  • Nausea and vomiting (sometimes loss of bowel control)
  • Sleeplessness
  • Anxiety

Some legal highs can cause psychosis and dependency.

Because of the unregulated nature of these substances, a drug that is consumed this week without adverse effect may, under the same name, have a different chemical make up the next week.  Nobody can assume that any new compound is in any way ‘safe’ to use recreationally.  There is no way of predicting a) what the substance is or b) what the likely effects on the body might be.



Young people might be naturally curious about alcohol, or they might experience peer pressure to start drinking before they’re ready. Life is all about making choices and it’s important to learn about the risks, as well as the benefits, associated with drinking alcohol. If people choose to drink, here are some facts they should know.

Drinking outside, or being outside when drinking increases the chances of having an accident or falling asleep outdoors and freezing to death (hypothermia).

Large amounts taken quickly can cause alcohol poisoning (painful and dangerous). Very drunk people fall asleep and can choke on their own vomit.

Further information and advice for parents/carers and young people about keeping safe if drinking alcohol can be found at:



Mixing any drugs (including alcohol) is extremely dangerous.  Many drugs can mask the effect of alcohol.  Some may make you dehydrated and alcohol can make this worse.

Many people who choose to use legal highs will also be consuming alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs.  Because of the uncertainty around what is in a legal high there is no way of predicting what the effect of mixing substances might be.



Sometimes drinks can be spiked with other substances such as rohypnol or sedatives (commonly referred to as date rape drugs).  Young people should be made aware of this risk and always keep their drink in sight to safeguard against spiking.  If people feel that their drink has been spiked they must tell someone they trust.  If a friend collapses and they think their drink may have been spiked they should phone for an ambulance and stay with them until help arrives.

More information can be found at:


If you or someone you know wish to talk to someone for advice or information call the Know the Score Helpline 24/7 on 0800 587 5879



It is important that young people are aware that these products – despite being labelled as legal – are not safe.  Parents and carers have a vital role in this.  They should make sure that their own knowledge about legal highs is accurate and as up-to-date as possible so that they can discuss them with their child and make their child aware of the possible risks.

Some tips to help with this are:

  1. Listen carefully to your child.  Find the time and space to listen and talk with them – find out what they know and what, if any, worries they may have.
  2. Young people often think that they know more than they do.  So do some adults!  If you don’t know, say so! And then suggest that you find out together!
  3. Reassure your child that it’s OK not to take drugs – often young people feel that they have to try drugs and alcohol to be part of the crowd or be seen to fit in.
  4. Try to establish a clear family position on drug and alcohol use.  Explain the dangers and the reasons you have for not wanting them to experiment.  Ask their views on news stories or TV story lines involving drugs or alcohol.
  5. Praising your child will help to boost their self esteem and will encourage them to continue making good choices with their health.  Always have positive expectations – always expect the best and not the worst.
  6. Make sure you have clear rules about right and wrong behaviour
  7. Repeat the messages whenever you can – listen carefully and find the time and space to talk with your child!
  8. There is no set age for beginning to talk about drugs and alcohol but there are cases of very young children being offered these substances.  Primary school aged children should know about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and this information can be built on as they grow older.

More information can be found at:


Legal Highs - click to download PDF

Press notes: 7/12/12

Charities Group

Congratulations to the S6 Charities Group, who have worked very hard so far this year, raising a grand total of £3300 for good causes such as Jeans For Genes and the Highland Hospice Zambia Project. The group, led by teachers Miss Gibson and Mr Jessiman, have been involved in a range of activities: the group have organised themed dress down days with a range of activities from bake sales to a superhero assault course and even a strange and hilarious twist on I’m a Celebrity with Nairn Academy teachers taking part in ‘bushtucker trials’ for Children in Need.

These imaginative activities have been very popular within the school, and Charitable organisations are grateful for Nairn Academy’s commitment to raising funds for their work and for raising awareness of the causes they support.

The group’s most recent success was the Christmas Fayre, raising almost £900 for MFR Cash for Kids and the school fund. The group would like to say a huge thank you to all those who donated prizes for the raffle and to all the businesses who had stalls at the fayre. The group, comprising more than twenty sixth year pupils, has been going from strength to strength, with a run of successful events so far, and with more planned in the future.

Charities Group 300x225 Press notes: 7/12/12

Debate News

Last Friday night (30th November), in Buckie High School, Nairn Academy’s debating team successfully retained the North of Scotland Schools Debating trophies which were won last year. Following on from last session’s successes with Ruby Downie and Amy McCann, (both now having left the school), a new team was formed with inexperienced but enthusiastic third year pupils: Ruaridh Summers, Jade du Preez and Shay Montague.

 After making steady progress through the three qualifying rounds Shay and Ruaridh were selected as the Finals pairing where they competed against fifth and sixth year students from Meldrum, Cults, Charleston, Robert Gordon’s College and St Margaret’s School for Girls. In a hotly contested debate on whether ‘teenagers had it good’ the boys triumphed, winning the John Alan Cameron Quaich for best team. To add gloss to the victory, Shay was awarded the Winnie Ewing Trophy as best speaker in the final. Shay commented: “This has been great – I really enjoyed the final and am looking forward to next year!” Ruaridh added: “It was a bit intimidating, everyone else being older than us, but it made it all the better when we won.”

Coach John Chalmers said: “Naturally we’re very proud of the team and we couldn’t have got to the Final without Jade’s help… it was a real team effort. After our successes last year, to retain the trophies with a young and inexperienced team is a real bonus. It shows what potential the pupils have and underlines how hard they’ve worked to reach this level.”

Caribbean Christmas

Thursday the 6th of December saw Nairn Academy host a Caribbean themed Christmas concert, putting on an exciting and fun filled evening for the large audience who attended.  The event was a collaboration between three expressive arts – music, drama and art and design: the music department’s steel bands, choirs, string and salsa groups, and the drama group, and the art and design department.  The collaboration explored Caribbean style Christmas celebrations.

The Drama Group put on a short performance entitled Puppets of the Caribbean, and the audience were able to view a range of art and design work both before the show and during intermission.  Art and design work from S1- 6 pupils was on display- some Caribbean themed works including tropical flowers and fish, and Hawaiian shirts, was shown alongside Higher work ranging from landscapes, to still life and portraiture.  National 4 and five pupils displayed their cubist inspired still life designs too, and the department were selling Christmas wrapping paper designed by junior classes.

The musical talent of the academy was truly show-cased in the concert, keeping the audience well entertained for the night. The Xylophones played the popular Super Mario Brothers  theme; two soloists, Danielle Logan and Marcia MacDonald of S5 sang All I want for Christmas is You; and, Chris Stone also of S5 sang a solo, Someone to watch over me, with the Highland Youth Voice Choir.  The 3rd year singers performed a cheeky little choreographed number It Must be Santa.  The choir sang Caribbean folk songs Brown Girl in the Ring and The Ophelia Letter.  Not to be surpassed, the staff choir also inspired with their versions of I’ll be There, and a jazzy number, The Santa Claus Boogie.  The night also heard the senior steel band perform old favourites, including Mary’s Boy Child.  The evening also featured some of our newer talents: the S1/2 steel band and the Salsa Band.  The S1/S2 steel band, taught by the senior band in a sharing of skills, performed Yellow Bird and the newly formed Salsa Band gave an accomplished rendition of a Latin American style piece in which each player daringly took an improvised solo.  The String Group played a Caribbean suite of music, featuring Finlay Strain on solo saxophone, and joined in the finale, collaborating with the staff choir and senior steel band in a unique and specially written Nairn Academy version of The Calypso Carol, and bringing down the roof on what has to have been our best concert to date.

Salsa band 300x224 Press notes: 7/12/12

Further Notes For Your Diary

Nairn Academy is hosting their annual Christmas Dances once again and we would like to remind pupils that this is a smart occasion and no denim should be worn on the night.  Boys can wear kilts or smart trousers and girls wear dresses.  Appropriate behaviour is also expected given the occasion.  Enjoy your Christmas Dance and have a very merry Xmas!

Debating success

Congratulations to our debating team who were the winners at the North of Scotland debating competition on Friday last week. Shay also won the best speaker.  A fantastic achievement when the other finalists were S5/6 pupils.  Well done also to Jade Du Preez who also participated in earlier qualifying rounds.  Our thanks to John Chalmers and Jo Kinghorn who coached and supported the team over the last few months.   This great success is on the back of wins in 2009 and 2011 for Nairn Academy.

Read the latest debating newsletter: click here

Press notes: 23/11/12

Highland Youth Voice

From Wednesday 14th to Friday 16th of November, pupils who are part of Nairn Youth Forum, a group working to represent and make positive changes for local young people, travelled to Badaguish to take part in Highland Youth Voice- a meeting of all the Youth Forums from across the Highlands.

The groups engaged in lively discussions about the problems facing young people in their local areas, and those facing young people in general, and worked to try and find solutions. There were also a range of guest speakers, including representatives of Norhtern Constabulary who gave the young people a thought provoking survey to complete, which gave them feedback on how teenagers view the police and about how they feel about policing in their area.

Nairn Youth Forum in particular caused something of a stir at the conference, with a display of the budget consultation slips that they collated from nearly one thousand primary and secondary school pupils, and were the only Youth Forum in the Highlands to have gathered this feedback regarding the effects of some of the proposed changes to education. The collected slips will be sent to the Highland Council, and will povide them with a perspective from the young children their decisions will affect.

The conference was an all-round success, with young people making a difference and working hard to get their voices heard, and everyone involved felt that it was a positive experience.

Reading Fortnight

As winter draws in, many people just want to snuggle up near the crackling fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. If this is you, then you’ll be happy to know that the Nairn Academy Library and the English Department have launched a Reading Fortnight. Set to encourage children, staff and parents to pick a novel and get stuck in, the fortnight includes a sponsored Readathon for all S1 classes which began on Monday 12th November when the event was launched in an assembly by Jennifer Murdoch, head librarian. The money raised from the sponsored Readathon will go to CLIC Sargent, who support young people with cancer, Readwell, a charity that provides books and storytellers for children in hospitals, and Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity who help ill young people.

A Book Swap Shop was also set up to run til Friday 23rd November where children can hand in a book that is in good condition and receive a token for them to pick up a paperback at the Swap Shop Stall. Both fiction and non-fiction are available at the stall and even teachers can pick up a book from a selection of senior fiction books collected specifically for them.

To round off this brilliant fortnight of page turning fun the annual Scholastics Book Fair will return to the school from the 28th November to the 3rd December so look out for discounts, special deals and new books in the library. Jenny Murdoch, Nairn Academy Librarian says, “It’s a great opportunity to encourage young people to read for pleasure and raise money for worthwhile charities.” Pupils can win a voucher to spend at the book fair by completing a short reivew of a book they have read.


Christmas Lights

Christmas is officially around the corner since Nairn’s Xmas lights were switched on, on Monday 19th November. With a choir performance and piping from Nairn Academy students and the lights being turned on, the night was packed with festive fun. The weather stayed relatively mild for the occasion and the rain managed to hold back as the Nairn Academy choir stood atop the stage and sang their hearts out to Christmas carols to get everyone in the mood for a colourful and brightly lit Wintertime and the crowds counted down for the lights to be turned on.  Escorted down the High Street by the Nairn Academy pipers, the masses then filled St. Ninians Church. A huge turn out meant the choir had competition to be heard but Olivia MacPartlan who watched from the crowd said, “I enjoyed the lights and choir performance because they sang well and the lights look brilliant!”


Lights switch on 2012 018 300x199 Press notes: 23/11/12

Further Notes

The Nairn Academy PE Department have got an official Twitter page- for all the latest news and sporting results follow them at @NairnPE.

The Eco Group are helping to steer Nairn Academy towards their Silver Eco Award. They are targeting places around the school that can use a bit of work and pupils organised a stall at the First Year Parents’ meeting to talk about European Waste Reduction week (17th-25th November 2012).

With December approaching the weather is getting worse and parents and children need to prepare. Please ensure that the school have emergency contact names and telephone numbers and that your child knows them. If you would like to see or change your current details then please hand in a written note to your child’s register teacher. You can get updates from MFR and their regular news updates or phone the following number- 0870 054 6999 (school pin 04 2700)

Sainsbury’s have kindly donated Christmas decorations for our Xmas dances.

Several senior pupils travelled to Aberdeen for the UK Senior Maths Challenge and achieved a respectable 5th place out of 10.

Christmas CD

We’re all full of Christmas cheer at the moment but the children in Nairn Academy’s Support for Learning department have trumped everyone and made something very special to take home after a long term of hard work. With the help of the Music Department, they have successfully written a Christmas song, which will be recorded onto CD’s and sent home with them. The song consists of one verse hand written by the whole class which let’s their creativity shine in the run up to Christmas. Showing off their wider skills, the class have even created the artwork for the front cover of their Xmas CD. Although the song doesn’t have a name yet, the work on the CD should wrap up just before Christmas for the children to take it home and enjoy with their families. A mince pie in one hand and their own Christmas CD in the other, the children are set for a magical Xmas.

Nairn Academy Christmas Fayre

The staff and pupils of Nairn Academy invite the public to join us for a Christmas Fayre on Wednesday the 28th of November. The event will take place in the evening from 5pm till 8pm and all money raised from the sale of tickets will go to the MFR Cash for Kids appeal. Tickets cost £2 per adult and £1 per child and will be on sale in the school or available at the door.

Come along and support a very worthwhile cause while stocking up on Christmas presents from the wide range of stalls including card shops, Santa’s grotto and pupils’ stalls. We are also looking forward to stalls featuring home-made gifts, fabrics, patch-work quilts, cakes, paintings, sweets, accessories and lots more! Embroidery Designs will be selling school clothing and Curves gym will have a stall as well. Pupils of the school have been getting busy preparing for the fayre and the S1 students will be selling their hand-made wrapping paper made during their art lessons recently. Thanks to The Really Garlicky Company, Aravelli and Madison Cakes and Coast Candle Company for their donations of raffle prizes and to Walkers Shortbread for providing short bread.

The school choir will be providing entertainment along with local carollers and, teas, coffees and mince pies (included in the ticket price) will be served in the café. Other refreshments including mulled wine will also be available. The evening promises to be filled with festive cheer and we hope you can join us to get into the Christmas spirit, support local businesses and raise money for the Cash for Kids appeal and the academy funds.

Swimming Gala

Wednesday the 14th saw twenty swimmers from Nairn compete in the Highland swimming Gala at the Aqua dome in Inverness. Eighteen of the twenty swimmers that representedNairnAcademy at the competition are members of Nairn swimming club, and two swim in Forres. It was an all-day, annual swimming competition for Highland swimmers, which saw many of the Nairn team leave with medals.  Nicole Smith (S2) and Fay Prosser (S1) both came away with 2 golds each.   In total, 26 medals were won by the academy team, with 9 golds, 7 silvers and 10 bronzes.

Christmas Fayre ’12

Nairn Academy Christmas Fayre 2012

Where: Nairn Academy

When: Wednesday 28th November

Tickets: availble on the door or from the school

  • £2 for adults - including mincepie/ drink
  • £1 for children – including mincepie/ drink

What’s on:

  • Business stalls
  • School stalls
  • Mulled Wine
  • Santas Grotto
  • …and much, much more!!!

MB900439773 Christmas Fayre 12

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