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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

- Aristotle

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Support for Learning

Highland Council has a policy of inclusion and attaches great importance to meeting the needs of all pupils in local mainstream schools and communities where this is in the best interest of the pupil.

Mainstream schools must recognise and respond to the diverse needs of their learners, while having a continuum of support to match these needs. Learning and teaching is at the heart of education in school. Throughout the learning process there will be times when many learners require support.

Supporting learning is a collaborative activity. Parents and school staff have a key role to play. The Support for Learning Department is keen to establish positive relationships with parents to achieve the best outcome for our pupils.

At Nairn Academy there are facilities to meet a wide range of pupil need. Support may take one or more of the following forms:

  • one-to-one direct teaching
  • small group teaching
  • co-operative teaching
  • observation
  • environmental adaptation
  • use of ICT or other specialist equipment

If any parent or prospective parent has a query relating to their child’s needs or provision to support learners in Nairn Academy they are encouraged to contact the school to talk to Mrs Emma Slade, Principal Teacher Support for Learning or Mrs Arlene Baird, Acting Principal Teacher Support for Learning.

Via the Highland Council website parents may access the support for learners website

Principal Teacher

  • Mrs Emma Slade
  • Mrs A Baird (Acting)

Learning Support Teachers

  • Mrs K Simpson
  • Mrs K MacNamara
  • Mrs M Maxwell
  • Mr D Sanderson
  • Miss A Brown
  • Mrs J Morrison

Learning Support Auxiliaries

  • Mrs B Campbell
  • Mrs I Gordon
  • Mrs S McLaughlin
  • Mrs J Steven
  • Ms A Walker
  • Ms K Grant
  • Mrs K Hamilton
  • Mrs V MacLean
  • Mrs P Moir
  • Ms M Webster
  • Mrs J MacGillivray
  • Mrs L MacLennan

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