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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

- Aristotle

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Academy Music Music

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Everyone enjoys music of some description. Music in Nairn Academy offers anyone interested in pursuing music as a keen amateur, or beyond, the chance to develop their talents in many different ways.

The music courses available in Nairn Academy allow pupils to develop their own practice schedules, work both independently (solo) and also as a member of a group. All these skills are useful in working life.

Courses available to pupils in Nairn Academy include:

  • S1/2 Music
  • Standard Grade Music
  • Intermediate 1 Music
  • Intermediate 2 Music
  • Higher Music
  • Advanced Higher Music

The music staff in Nairn Academy include:

  • Principal Teacher – Miss Fiona Sellar
  • Teacher – Miss Sharon Arthur
  • Brass Tutor – Mr Rob Farmer
  • Bagpipe Tutor – Miss Louise Hay
  • Percussion Tutor – Mr Dougie Galbraith
  • Strings Tutor – Mr David Hay
  • Woodwind Tutor – Ms Anna Aalders

Musical Extra Curricular Activities

  • Brass Ensemble
  • Woodwind Ensemble
  • Wind Band
  • Salsa Band
  • Samba Band
  • Steel Band
  • Pipe Band
  • String Ensemble

Music Group Rehersals

Monday - 1.20pm Senior Steel Band

Monday - 3.40pm Senior Steel Band

Tuesday - 1.20pm S1 Steel Band

Tuesday - 1.20pm Wind Band

Tuesday – 3.40pm Senior Steel Band

Wednesday - 1.20pm Samba Band

Wednesday - 1.20pm Choir

Wednesday – 1.20pm Pipe Band

Wednesday – 3.40pm S2 Steel Band

Friday – 1.20pm String Group

Friday – 1.20pm Senior Singing Group


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