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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

- Aristotle

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Mathematics is a necessary qualification for any pupil wanting to work in careers such as Engineering, Computing, and Science. Mathematics is also a frequent requirement in the Banking sector as well as Accountancy, Insurance, and Management.

Courses offered in Nairn Academy start at S1 level and include:

  • S1 Maths – based at appropriate CFE level
  • S2 Maths – based at appropriate CFE level
  • S3/4 Maths – National 5, National 4
  • S3/4 Lifeskills Maths – N4, N3, N2
  • S4 Maths – Progress to Higher
  • S4 Maths – Intermediate 2
  • S4 Maths – Intermediate 1
  • S4 Maths – Intermediate 1 Personal Finance
  • S5/6 Maths – Intermediate 2
  • S5/6 Maths – Higher
  • S6 Maths – Advanced Higher

Staff currently teaching in the department include:

  • Mr Andrew Brown – Faculty Head (Maths & Computing)
  • Mrs Joan Robson
  • Mrs Nicola Anderson
  • Mr Tom Heggie
  • Mr Andy Moir
  • Mr Dave Cummins
  • Mr Stuart Caddell (Maths & Computing)

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